Community generosity is vital to funding our teacher grants.  We are proud of the 20 grants totaling $18,861 the Shannon Foundation has awarded this year.   At the same time, we know we could reach many more teachers and children if we had more funds to support our annual grants competition.
Shannon Foundation supporters share a commitment to providing outstanding teachers with the supplemental funds they need to turn innovative ideas into effective instruction for our children.
Shannon Board members pledge to contribute annually toward the Foundation's modest administrative costs  so we can devote the gifts we receive from the public to the Shannon endowment.  Proceeds from this endowment fund our annual teacher awards.  We continue to raise funds each year to ensure the endowment remains a reliable source of grant funding for many years to come 
Now is the perfect time to begin a tradition of giving to the Shannon Foundation. Your generous gift will cast a powerful vote for excellence and innovation in our public schools, and allow even more local children the opportunity to build unforgettable classroom memories.   ​
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